Maratha Aarakshan Andolan: No trust in the state government, Next role on October 29: Manoj Jarange’s 11 questions to the government

The committee has found thousands of evidence. Why was the committee given an extension? We’ll wait until October 28, and We will announce the next course of action on October 29, Maratha quota agitation leader Manoj Jarange Patil said. “We have no faith in the government because of the extension of the committee,” he said. Pm did not speak on reservation despite coming to Shirdi. The Chief Minister, Deputy Chief Minister had gone to Delhi, they should have informed about the protest. The committee collected a lot of evidence in 40 days. The issue of reservation will be resolved on. However, the government has given them a further extension. So, let’s wait until October 28. Jarange has asked the government eleven questions.

Maharashtra Government. Answers??


Will there be a convention to give kunbi certificates to the Maratha community in the state? –

The committee found 10,000 pieces of evidence, will the government take the Maratha community to OBC and give it a Kunbi certificate? –

What are the castes included in the reservation without providing proof?

What are the criteria imposed on castes in reservation? –

The castes that were to be surveyed after 10 years?

Is it written to exclude the castes that are in the reservation and have advanced?

On what basis did the Mandal Commission give 14 per cent reservation to OBCs?

How can you explain how 30 per cent reservation was given in four years?

How many sub-castes and sub-castes of the castes included in the reservation, what criteria should be given to them?


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