Post Covid Heart attack: Has the fear of heart attacks increased in those who have been infected with Covid?

Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has advised people with severe Covid to avoid strenuous work, running or excessive exercise. He gave this advice based on a study done by ICMR.

Recently, there were reports of people dying of heart attacks during Navratri in Gujarat. Now this statement of Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya has come to light.

Videos of this have also gone viral. During Navratri, the news of the death of a class 12 student came to light.

“ICMR has recently done an extensive study on this. It says that people who have had a severe covid infection and have not had it for a long time should avoid strenuous work, heavy work out, running or heavy exercise for at least one to two years to avoid a heart attack. ,” said Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya.

Earlier Union Health Minister had also discussed this in a program.

“Sudden heart attack deaths are coming to the fore after Covid. ICMR has started a study. We have data on vaccination and co-morbidity,” he had said.

He also said that a report will be submitted in this regard.

ICMR’s Dr. Anna Dogra Said, “ICMR has sent the report of their study to experts for peer review. After its completion, the Ministry of Health will inform about it.”


Is it right to link covid and heart attack?

The report of ICMR has not come out yet. But before that, research was done at GB Pant Hospital in Delhi about Corona and its effects on the body.

In this research conducted on 135 people between 2020 and 2021, it was found that it affected their heart.

The people who participated in this study were continuously monitored and after that the effect of corona on their heart decreased.

A doctor involved in the same research told that, “Our research revealed that Corona has affected the heart. Covid affects the electrical system of the heart, the pumping muscle of the heart and the blood vessels of the heart.”

He said that people who had severe Covid were advised not to overwork. Because it was likely to affect their heart. So, they were advised not to do hard work or exercise.

He said that the study also revealed that there was an increase in the possibility of heart attack in the patients with Covid.

“But people who have covid may have a heart attack. Because until large-scale research is done and its findings come out, nothing can be said clearly,” he explained.

How Much Truth Between Vaccines and Heart Attacks?

At the same time, doctors say that the Union Health Minister’s statement is ultimately balanced and appropriate.

People who have been exposed to severe covid can put pressure on their heart if they work hard. That can increase the heart rate, he said.

According to him, “Patients who have recovered from severe covid should start exercise slowly. They should not start exercise suddenly.”

People were advised to get vaccinated during covid.

Later it was also suspected that people could have a heart attack after taking Covishield and Co-vaccine. There was also a stormy discussion on this issue.

But GB Pant’s study also revealed that there were not many cases of heart attacks among the people who were vaccinated.

Doctors are of the opinion that there is no increase in cases of heart attack after taking the covid vaccine.

Have there been previous cases of heart attack in the youth?

Director of National Heart Institute Dr. OP Yadav said, “If you look at the last two or three decades, about 10 percent of heart attacks were occurring in people who were under the age of 40. Not only this, bypass surgery was also 10 percent in patients under the age of 40.”

Cases of heart attack among the youth were also coming to the fore. But after the news of death of some celebrities due to heart attack, there was a discussion about the increase in heart attack rate among the youth, said Dr OP Yadav.

Dr. OP Yadav also raised a question in this regard. “Has anyone looked at whether people who had heart attacks had co-morbidities — diabetes, hypertension, obesity? What was their lipid profile?

When such deaths occur, this should also be studied. Because it has been seen that autopsy is not done in heart attack cases, he also said.

Why are doctors advising to avoid strenuous exercise after Corona?

Both doctors advised that if a person recovers from severe covid, he should not immediately resume strenuous exercise.

Dr. OP Yadav said, “Covid makes your blood thicker. It forms clots or lumps. Heart attack is not caused by accumulation of cholesterol. Because it accumulates slowly over many years. But when there is a rupture in its surface and the blood flowing from it accumulates there. When it starts to happen, it doesn’t take long. That causes clots to form and that leads to a heart attack.”

Due to this, blood thinners were also given during covid. If a blood clot forms in the heart, it can lead to a heart attack, and if it forms in the brain, it can lead to a stroke.

Similarly, blood clots are formed in different parts of the body.

According to both doctors, those who have had severe covid and have co-morbidities should start exercise slowly only after one and a half year after the corona is completely cured.

The doctor advises the following –

  • If you walk 200 meters on the first day, after a few days walk 400 meters and gradually increase the speed.
  • Do not do hard and difficult exercises.
  • If you were not short of breath while doing something before and now there is a change, tell your doctor right away.
  • Darkness in the eyes, dizziness, difficulty in breathing, pain in the chest, increased heart rate and if these symptoms do not occur before, and all these symptoms appear after the corona virus is cured, then definitely see a doctor.

Doctors say that patients who have recovered from Corona and are of any age should do exercise, but the amount should be increased gradually.

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