Malaika Arora Fitness: Waist, rear part off? Malaika does 5 yoga’s every day, you too will look fit and young in your fifties.

Malaika Arora Fitness Tips: Even after crossing her forties, she still looks fit and beautiful.

Apart from her dancing, Malaika Arora is also in the news for her fitness. (Malaika Arora’s diet and fitness plan) Wherever she goes, fans flock there. Videos and photos of Malaika’s gym look and exercise are going viral on social media. (Malaika Arora Fitness Tips)

 Malaika is 50 years old, and her fitness is like that of a young woman in her twenties. (What Is Malaika Arora’s Fitness Secret) Malaika’s fans have always admired her fit, toned body. Apart from following a strict diet, Malaika also does yoga and exercises daily. Even after crossing her forties, she looks as fit and beautiful as ever. (How to Look Younger at Age of 50)

  • Naukasana

Doing this asana strengthens the abdominal muscles and also keeps the muscles healthy. Apart from this, the back muscles are toned. Practicing this asana helps in reducing waist, back pain and prevents back pain in old age.


  • Utkatasana

This asana is done in the form of chair pose. This asana strengthens various muscles of the body. It also helps in strengthening the lower back and core muscles. This pose is like sitting on a chair.


  • Natarajasana

This asana is also known as Nartaka mudra. This yoga pose balances the body well and makes the body flexible. This mudra is named after Shiva.


  • Vrikshasana

This asana balances the body. This asana balances the core muscles. This makes the brain work more smoothly and the mind remains stable.


  • Sarvangasana

This asana plays an important role in keeping the body fit. While doing this you have to balance full weight on the shoulders. Malaika does walking, yoga, running and swimming to keep her body fit. Apart from this, she also follows a diet plan. According to her, she eats everything but in moderation. Malaika starts her day with yoga poses. After this she does outdoor exercise. Go for a walk after exercising for 1 hour every day. Walking helps to keep the body toned.

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Malaika starts her day by drinking 1 liter of water. Mix honey and lemon juice in water and drink. The body drinks a lot of water to stay detoxified. Malaika does not follow any diet chart. Eat more healthy foods. Avoid eating greasy, oily, fast food and floury foods.


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For breakfast she likes to eat fresh fruits, idli, upma or multigrain toast and for snacks she likes to eat fresh fruits, brown bread toast and egg whites. Chapati, rice, vegetables, sprouts are eaten for lunch. She loves eating salads, soups with steamed vegetables.


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