Shilpa Shetty: Do you have neck and back pain due to continuous work on laptop, computer? Shilpa Shetty tells 1 special exercise

Some people have to use laptop-computer constantly for work. Often the seating arrangement is wrong. So one has to sit and work in a difficult position. Or some work from home. At that time they don’t care or ignore their sitting position at all. They work sitting wherever they can on mattress, sofa. So, after a few days neck-back pain starts. The whole body is exhausted. If the same has happened to you after working for hours, try this exercise that Shilpa Shetty suggests. You will get immediate relief. (Exercise to reduce back pain due to constant working on computer and laptop)
Exercise for neck and back pain
Shilpa Shetty gives fitness motivation every week. Accordingly, this week too, she has posted a workout video. In this, she has given information about which exercise should be done if the neck-back-waist is strained.

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