Maratha Reservation: Don’t drag center in Maratha Reservation.

There is a lot of talk about Narendra Modi Govt at the center refusing to intervene in the ongoing agitation for Maratha reservation or to take any decision from the central level. It is understood that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis have been told that a decision should be taken at the state level without involving the Centre.

Protester Manoj Jarange Patil again took up the weapon of hunger strike after the 40-day deadline given to the government regarding getting reservation for the Maratha community a. The state government could not take any decision during this period regarding granting OBC status to the Maratha community. Currently, a tense situation has arisen in Maharashtra due to this issue. In this background, Chief Minister Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis immediately left for Delhi. During this visit, both of them requested that the central government should intervene in the Maratha reservation issue. However, since they have been asked to solve this issue at the state level, there is a possibility that this agitation will get more heated.


According to reports, BJP leaders have advised the state government to find a solution at their own level without involving the center in this matter. Therefore, serious confusion has started at the state government level about which concrete proposal should be submitted to Manoj Jarange Patil to withdraw the agitation. Chief Minister Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Fadnavis went to Delhi on Wednesday (25). During this visit, he discussed the issue of Maratha reservation with Union Home Minister Amit Shah. The Supreme Court quashed the reservation granted by the state government through separate cadres exceeding the maximum limit of 50 percent. In that, the OBC community has strongly opposed giving Kunbi certificate to the Maratha community or giving reservation from the OBC quota. Therefore, both of them argued before Shah that only if the Center amends the Constitution in the Parliament to exceed the 50 percent limit, there can be a way out. However, it is learned that Shah has refused him for now.

take Supreme Court has rejected the findings of Gaikwad Commission. Therefore, in order to give reservation to the Maratha community, the backwardness of this community has to be proved. Former Chief Justice Dilip Bhosle’s committee has also recommended the same to the state government. Therefore, the state government should start the process of proving backwardness first. After that, it is likely that a decision will be taken at the right time by the Center to relax the 50 percent limit. The Center will have to consult extensively before taking this decision.

…But the Center is afraid of Patidars, Jats, Gujars also asking for reservation.

The center also fears that if reservation is given to the Maratha community, the demand for reservation will also come from communities like Patidars, Jats, Gujars etc. At present, these communities are getting the benefit of 10 percent reservation for economically weaker sections. Therefore, the agitations of this community are temporarily calm, but there is a high possibility that they will start again if the 50 percent reservation limit is lifted. Due to this, the government’s readiness to amend the constitution to lift the 50 percent limit for reservation for the Maratha community is not visible at present.

If reservation is given to all the communities like Maratha, Patidar, Jat, Gujar, a different problem will arise. Therefore, the Modi government wants the issue of Maratha reservation to be resolved at the state level. That is why Prime Minister Narendra Modi avoided commenting on the issue of Maratha reservation during his visit to Shirdi. Sources said that the Center has refused to take any decision on the issue of Maratha reservation as the BJP cannot afford the reservation agitations of various communities in the background of the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.


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