Pune Pollution: Air quality worsened due to smog, firecrackers over the city, Pune is number one in pollution

Pune Air Pollution: Fireworks on the day of Diwali have caused a huge increase in air pollution. Therefore, the air quality in the city has been recorded as very bad.

Pune: Air pollution in the city has increased to a great extent due to the fall in temperature and fireworks on the evening of Lakshmi Puja. Air quality was recorded as ‘very poor’ on average across the city. Shivajinagar, Pashan, Hadapsar; While in Pimpri-Chinchwad, air quality was recorded in most areas including Bhosari, Nigdi in very bad range throughout the day. Hence, Pune residents had to face smoky atmosphere in the city for the second time in a row due to deterioration of air quality.

Air pollution hit a season high on Monday as air quality in the city worsened for two weeks. As the smoke of firecrackers increased from Sunday evening, instead of fog, smoke spread everywhere after midnight. Citizens who went for a walk on Monday morning also suffered from this smoky atmosphere. An alarming increase in the amount of fine particulate matter (particulate matter 10) and ultrafine particulate matter (PM 2.5) in the air, which is hazardous to health, has been reported. Due to increase, citizens were experiencing cold, cough, allergy, respiratory complaints. Couldn’t see far from the road while driving. After nine o’clock in the morning the atmosphere cleared after the sun had set; But after the evening, we got to see a smoky atmosphere in the air again. The travel department of the Indian Institute of Tropical Sciences (IITM) has predicted that the air quality will continue to deteriorate for the next two days.

The weather had improved due to the rain.

Pune received light to moderate rain on all three days on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. As a result, the air quality suddenly improved as the dust drifted away. Most of the areas including Pashan, Kothrud, Katraj, Hadapsar reported air quality in the range of satisfactory to good. However, significant changes were again reported after Sunday.


Air quality


Venue Last Monday (November 6) Monday (November 13)

Pune (Average) 147 (Moderate) 301 (Extreme)

Bhosari 162 (Moderate) 422 (Severe)

Shivajinagar 283 (Bad) 381 (Very Bad)

Nigdi (Moderate) 342 (Severe)

Lohgaon 126 (Moderate) 382 (Extreme)

Bhumkar Chowk 210 (Bad) 314 (Very Bad)

Alandi 130 (Moderate) 309 (Extreme)

Stone 106 (moderate) 303 (severe)

Hadapsar 132 (Moderate) 306 (Extreme)

Kothrud 105 (Medium) 155 (Bad)

Every year during Diwali, smoke from firecrackers increases air pollution. Due to this, the patients of asthma, COPD (black asthma) are likely to increase. These diseases are also seen in children who are not suffering. Smoke from firecrackers contains gaseous components in the form of microscopic particles. Gaseous components like sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide is mixed in the air and it causes problems. So, it is advisable not to burst firecrackers. Sometimes the effects of this pollution are not visible immediately, but long-term effects are visible – Dr. Mahavir Modi, Chest Specialist

What precautions will you take?


Firecrackers should be avoided.

Using a mask

Patients with lung fibrosis, black asthma should avoid exposure to pollution.

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