Shraddha Walker murder case: ‘I ask the police how long it will take; they say the process is on.’

“The police have been saying for two months that the investigation and processing of the murder case is in its final stage but in the final stage, how many months will it take? Why is there no result yet? A court hearing is underway. In this case it is taking time as there are more answers but overall, I think everything is moving at a slow pace.”


Shraddha Walker’s father Vikas Walker gave this reaction while talking to BBC Marathi.


Shraddha Walker’s murder case came to light in the month of November last year. The manner in which Shraddha was killed shocked the entire country.


This case completed one year this month. But the family members of Walker have expressed their displeasure as the cremation has not been done yet. He also expressed regret that even after a year, the main accused has not been sentenced.


Question – Are you satisfied with the investigation so far?


Vikas Walker – I expected the results to be out in four to five months. But even after a year, the result cannot be applied. I don’t know how many more months it will take. What I want to ask is why there is no result?


Q – What do the police say, what have they told you?


Vikas Walker – When I go to Delhi, I ask the police how much time it will take, they say the process is on.


They say that the verdict will not be given until the hearing is over. According to the hearing so far, 30 percent statements have been made. Still 70 percent of the statement is yet to be recorded. Because of this I have no idea how long it will take.


A statement is being deliberately taken by the front counsel.

Q – What do you expect the result to be?


Vikas Walker – At least death sentence should be given. If there is a more severe punishment, it should be given.


I also say that this case should be fast tracked and heard quickly. It is my demand that the process should be completed quickly even though it has been fast tracked.


Also, if the verdict of this case is not given in two months or sooner, I am going to protest in Delhi.


Q – You have made another demand to the police and the court. What is the demand?


Vikas Walker – My daughter is yet to be cremated. A year has passed now. I expected the result to be out soon, and I would perform the last rites of the girl. But it is getting late.


The body parts of the girl are in the court. If I could get it, I would be able to perform the last rites. I have made a demand in this regard.


I have sent a written letter to the court. He only informed that fast track hearing is going on at present.

Initially, in the month of November, I myself went to the forest with the police. I was present during the search for body parts. I can only imagine how many body parts have been found. Because of this, if I had received parts sooner, I would have been able to perform the last rites.

Question – People all over the country were shocked by this incident. You are her parents. What happened in the year now? What do you think about this?


Vikas Walker – When my statement was being recorded in the court, I could not even speak. I literally collapsed in court as I recounted the manner in which the murder was committed, and the body disposed of. I could not even speak. Even after suffering so much, I am fighting for justice. But I still haven’t got justice.


My only request to the government is to resolve this matter as soon as possible.


Q – What was the last time you spoke to Shraddha?


Vikas Walker – I finally told Shraddha that this is not right. you don’t go but she didn’t listen to me. She did what she wanted to do. I also told her that you can still come back.


I regret that it would have been better if she had listened to me. All this would not have happened. I am sorry for that.


Q – There have been many news reports that there was tension in your family. What do you mean by that?


Vikas Walker – It was the boy who cheated her. She was separated from home. She did as per his planning. She couldn’t know it. I warned her. I tried to go to that boy’s house too. Stay away from him again and again.


I had met Aftab Poonawala once or twice. He came when my wife was sick and dying. That was all we knew.

If I go to share some memories of her, I will not be able to speak. I can’t bear it, my situation today… How can I say this about the girl herself. I raised her as a child. I will not be able to talk about her memories.

Q – Initially you had raised some objections to the investigation by the Vasai police. What happened next?


Vikas Walker – The Maharashtra government had promised to form the SIT committee. Home Minister Devendra Fadnavis had also assured. But nothing happened after that. No one talks about it.

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