Petrol News: Even after showing zero on the meter at the petrol pump, they put the money, beware of this new trick

Petrol News: Fuel theft at petrol pumps has become a headache for motorists. Now shocking forms of looting are coming in front of customers.

When we go to fill fuel at a petrol pump, the attendant asks us to see 0 in the meter. However, this is where the real game begins. Consumers are cheated in front of their eyes. In this background, the Consumer Affairs Department of the Central Government has put a post on its X account to make people aware under its ‘Wake up customer wake up campaign’ campaign.

In this post, an attempt has been made to understand people through cartoons that the machine at the petrol pump will not work by focusing only on zero. People have to pay special attention to two more things, only then they can save themselves from this fraud.

Customer Affairs wrote in a tweet that customers should pay attention! Keep these things in mind before filling petrol and diesel. The meter reading should be 0.00. The verification certificate of the dispensing machine must be displayed. Customers can check the given quantity by using the 5 liter measure available at the petrol pump if they wish. Be sure to check the zero when filling petrol.

Take special care of density while filling petrol and diesel. If there is any change in this, your pocket may be affected. Density is directly related to the purity of petrol or diesel. If the density of petrol diesel is as per prescribed standards, then your car-bike will give a good average after fueling. The engine of the vehicle will also not break down quickly. According to the standards, the purity of petrol should be between 730 and 800.

The density of diesel should be between 830 and 900. Where the price and quantity of petrol and diesel is written in the machine, the density is also written below it. If the density is not up to the prescribed standards, the customer has the right to inquire with the petrol pump attendant or manager. If he does not give a correct answer, he can also file a complaint.

Apart from keeping the above two things in mind, consumers should also be careful about the quantity of petrol and diesel. Often, petrol pump employees install an electronic chip in the machine to cheat. Due to this, the meter does not show the full amount of fuel. If there is any doubt about the quantity of fuel, the customer has the right to check the quantity.

If in doubt customer can ask the staff to measure the fuel in 5-liter measure. 5-liter capacity is available at every petrol pump. Do not refuel at a pump where the flow decreases while filling with petrol. Consumers can investigate fuel adulteration under the Consumer Protection Act 1986. For this every petrol pump has a filter paper. Put a few drops of petrol on the filter paper. If the stain remains, assume that the petrol is adulterated. If it is not stained, then the petrol is pure.

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